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Whether you’re thinking about getting started or want to achieve better results—I can take you there. Get ready to learn new fundamentals and develop your running ability. Browse my classes below to find the perfect fit for your needs.

121 coaching
group running class

1-2-1 Coaching

A 1-2-1 training session is a great way to improve your running. What we cover will be tailored to you, based on your goals and running level. Sessions start from £20 and are around an hour long; this includes a warm-up, personalised coaching and a cool down. If you are interested please get in touch.

Price: £20 per hour

Small group training

These sessions are ideal for groups wishing to train together and spread the cost of coaching. The sessions will be tailored to suit your needs as a group; anything from basic coaching to speed, interval, hill and fartlek training.

2 People: £12ppph

3 People: £10 ppph

4 people +: £8ppph

running MOT
running race

Running MOT

A 60 minute session to observe and improve your running style. With the help of video analysis, I will assess your foot strike, arm movement, posture and head position. We will also look at your cadence. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask any running related questions you may have. The session  includess a written report with your results and recommendations on how to improve your running going forwards.  

Price: £45

Training Plans

Everything you need to prepare you for your first or next race. After a telephone or email consultation, I will provide: a tailored training plan and advice on nutrition and race day preparation. The length of the training plan will depend upon the race distance; I recommend at least four weeks for a 5K, eight weeks for a half marathon and 16 weeks for a full marathon plan. 

Price: £30

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